Kendra Loban

Kendra and her family joined the church in February 2011, and she has been actively involved in Property Management since that time, taking great pride in helping refurbish and touch up many areas of the Church building and the parsonage. Much of the work done in the Bridal room, the Salon & the kitchen was done while Kendra was in charge of Property Management.

In 2017, Kendra has taken on the role of Christian Education, helping with preparation of the Sunday School curriculum and coordination of the Sunday School classes and childcare services that are offered on Sunday mornings. She also accepted the appointment in May 2017 as Acting Secretary, following Mitchell Quijano‘s resignation (in order to take the role of Church Secretary). In 2018, she continues to serve on the Council, in the role of Chair of the Property Management ministry, as well as volunteering as a Sunday School teacher.