Mitchell Quijano

Mitchell Quijano and his family moved to Panama in March 2016, and started attending Balboa Union Church shortly thereafter.  During 2016, Mitchell was actively involved in the AAAM program (previously the Bridging Families program, which was renamed AAAM – Asistencia Alimenticia para Adultos Mayores), and began helping with the technology needs and social media matters of BUC (updating Facebook, keeping the website up to date and helping send out the weekly newsletter).

Mitchell and his wife formally became members in September 2016, and in January 2017 Mitchell accepted appointment to as Council Secretary. He resigned from this position in April 2017 in order to accept the job as Church Secretary, and is now assisting us in the office on a daily basis.

Mitchell has a Bachelor of Technology (BTech), with specialization in Information Technology Administration and Management, having worked for a number of years in Out-sourcing / Call Centers.  He is fully bilingual – English/Spanish.