Ministry Chair

Maria Luisa Molina

Maria Luis Molina served with us in 2016 as the chair and coordinator of our Missions programs. In 2017 she has taken on a role in prayer & service, serving as a prayer warrior for our Church, behind the scenes.

Maribel Santamaría

Maribel has been helping our Church since 2016, she, along with her family, have actively helped our “Food Assistance for the Elderly” program (Bridging Families). In 2019 she was part of the council of our Church, helping us on the position of “Missions”, where she added aid to the Girls of the Capital and the…

Gabriela Molina

Gabriela Molina joined the Church in 2016, when she arrived to Panama from El Salvador. She started to get involved in all the Church activities, providing essential help in aactivities such as: Patios Sale, Misions programs and Sunday Services. in 2018,she joined the chair of our Youth & Adult activities ministry and additionally she volunteers…

speaker, Balboa Union Church, Sunday, English service, Panama City

Beth Gray

Beth has been an active member of Balboa Union Church since 2009. She has served on Worship and Ministry Committee, being Council Secretary her last service; she has served as a Council President. In 2015, to take up the challenge of Membership Committee she started in the roll of Council Secretary until she was replaced…

David Bivin

David Bivin has been a member of Balboa Union Church since ________, and his wife has been an active member of Gamboa Union Church since _________. We are blessed to have David’s active involvement in Balboa in 2018 in Finance & Stewardship.