speaker, Balboa Union Church, Sunday, English service, Panama City

Beth Gray

Beth has been an active member of Balboa Union Church since 2009. She has served on Worship and Ministry Committee, being Council Secretary her last service; she has served as a Council President. In 2015, to take up the challenge of Membership Committee she started in the roll of Council Secretary until she was replaced by David McIntosh as the new president. She is currently the Christian Education Ministry chair, responsible for the organization of Sunday School and is helping to organise English as a Second Language classes for the Spanish speaking youth in the church.

In 2016, Beth served as Council Secretary, as well she was Co-chair with the Worship and Ministry members (Joel Guevara/Maria Lourdes Tarte de Guevara) having the responsibilities for the English Service on Sunday morning, while Joel y Maria Lourdes Tarte de Guevara were in charge of the Spanish Service

In 2017, Beth continued to serve and helping our Church chairing the activities and work related to Worship and Ministry  and this year she accepted Council Treasure until she was replaced by Noris Bustamante in April 2017. Beth still continues to help on administrative matters of the Church, helping to all the ministers such as: Property Management, Youth & Adult Activities, and Finance, Stewardship & Fundraising.  Beth has begun her studies in SEE, Spiritual Education and Enrichment Program in the Unity Worldwide Spiritual Institute.