Get Involved

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Balboa Union Church offers many opportunities for you to get involved  in creating new relationships in your life, shape your character to look more like Christ and help to place a strong foundation within our church.  Whether you’re good with numbers, words, technology, or people, use your gifts and skills to make a difference!  No matter what ministry or Committee you choose, your involvement and contribution is highly valued in this church family.

The committees are a great place to start when it comes to getting to know the ministries of Balboa Union Church and beginning to see yourself as a vital piece of this ministry.  Balboa Union Church is made up of various committees serving in different ways.  Each ministry area has a specific vision and passion for making an impact in a particular way.  As you read through the committee descriptions below you may find one that resonates with how God might be wanting you to make an impact.


We are currently expanding our missions programs, to provide tangible support for those in need. At the moment we have the Bridging Families program, started by our Pastor Emeritus (Luis Veagra), which supports a limited number of Panamanian families or individuals who are well below the poverty line.  For these families, we bridge economical situations until they can get back on their feet (although in some instances this means long-term support). This program currently supports some 26 elderly and “in need” people, who have been introduced to our Church by social services (various elderly people) or who have simply arrived on our doorstep.  Luis Villar coordinates the food and needs of these people and Noris Bustamante assists with a chapel service each month for them.

Additionally, we are assisting with a home for girls in Los Ríos, which houses girls from 6-18 years of age. The property is provided by the Anglican (Episcopal) Church of Panama, but they require assistance with food, clothes and other supplies for the girls each month.

Phil Edmonston is currently working to establish an English language program for youth at the church, after the Sunday service, for which we need volunteer teachers and assistants.

Likewise, we are looking at a number of youth programs in the Casco Viejo/Chorillo area who need volunteers and also space to run their programs, to become actively involved in the lives of our neighborhood and those who we can truly impact. Betsy Moran has more information regarding these programs.


The life of a Church depends on actively involving all members in the community of the Church – not only in outreach, but in events for the members.  We actively look for opportunities to connect people to each other and to God through organizing and facilitating an event or service project, with celebrations and activities for our Church family. You can help us organizing our Potluck lunches, picnics, barbecues and other social events for families, youth or children.


Artistically or technically support the Sunday morning service through involvement on stage or behind-the-scenes, coordinating the Greeters, Acolytes, Readers & Ushers. We welcome you as part of the singing and musical team, leading prayer, or simply helping with the sound system.   Help out with Sunday school for our Young ones during the service; or step up and speak on Sunday – we’d love to hear your interpretation of what the Bible means today.

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Build into children or adults, by participating and leading in Sunday School / Bible Studies at 11.30 a.m., after the service, or assisting with various children’s events that increase our iAdd Image Collagenterest in the Bible and a daily relationship with God.

Interested in hosting a weekly Bible study at your home? We’d love to have you host the families in your area and have your leadership input.


Support all Balboa Union Church ministries by participating behind the scenes in the maintenance, upgrades and refurbishment of our beautiful building and annexes. If you  love interior design and decorating, are handy with a paint brush, electrical tools or just a Jack-of-all-trades – we’d love you to give us a hand!


Welcome and greet those who attend on Sunday morning, offer assistance and support to newcomers and members that may be unable to make a service, serve on a support team for all our members past and present.


Connect with others and help us keep this Church growing, by getting into the administration and daily management, give a hand by volunteering a few hours each week in our office, to answer calls, follow up with the different committee chairs and providing that much-needed support to our administrative staff.