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Who we are / Quienes somos


Everyone is welcome at the Balboa Union Church.
Todos son bienvenidos en Balboa Union Church

We are a Christian community of faith of the Reformed tradition comprised of members from many denominations...
Somos una comunidad Cristiana de la tradición Reformada compuesta de miembros de varias denominaciones... click here / lea aquí

Upcoming Events / Próximos Eventos


September 23 – Jazz night, Fundraising

The event: Come & join us 7:45 pm on Saturday, September 23rd for another jam session with Carlos Quiroz and friends! We are asking for donations from all those who attend (please consider donating $20.00 per person) – there will be a donations box at the entrance. It’s a wonderful time to kick back with friends,…

Betty – staff recognition

We would like to congratulate Betty Britton, She is one of our BUC Staff member and she is always willing to help to our Church. Every Sunday she helps us with the preparation of the cookies and tea that we delight after the service. Thank you very much Betty for all the Talent and Time…

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August 27 – Potluck Lunch

Thank you to all the Members and Friends of Balboa Union Church that helped us to celebrate the August Potluck, and especially to all the chefs that delighted us with their dishes.

2017-08-26 How to visit Connie at Tender Loving Care

How to get to Tender Loving Care: Visiting Connie Now that Connie is settled into her nursing home, it’s time to organise visits to her. As you can see above, we are providing a map, as the instructions of “Calle 7a, Ciudad Radial” don’t seem to show up on any map! Apparently everyone “knows” that…

TO BE A BRIDGE of cooperation and understanding among religious groups of all faiths. TO BE A BRIDGE of acceptance of others regardless of social class, race, gender, or sexual orientation. TO BE A BRIDGE of freedom in the study of religion, the interpretation of scripture and the practice of faith. TO BE A BRIDGE for God’s love in a troubled world, exercising a generosity of spirit to all those in need

2017-08-24 Food baskets: “feed my sheep”

Thursday, August 24th we had the pleasure of delivering in person, to 19 beneficiaries, the Food Baskets of our AAAM program (Bridging Families). We provide these food baskets every month, with up to 26 recipients (they do not all show up on the day, some come days after). Luis Villar is responsible for organising all…


FellowshipCommunity and family
Comunidad y Familia

At Balboa Union Church we believe in both definitions of the word Fellowship – the Biblical meaning as well as the social meaning... click here to read more

Community Outreach

UNICEF Party 29
You can make a difference

Balboa Union Church offers many opportunities for you to get involved, shape your character, and help to place a strong foundation within our church.... click here to read more

Youth / Jóvenes

children We encourage all youth and children to get involved and participate in services and activities.... / Queremos que la juventud y niños se involucren y participen en servicio y actividades...click here / siga aquí

Our Location / Ubicación

Balboa Ancon