Members of our council

Betsy Farah-Moran

Betsy has been with Balboa Union Church since 2010, and has actively participated as a member of the Worship & Ministry Committee since 2011.  In 2014 she accepted the role of Vice-President of the Council (with a lot of convincing and some understatement of what her responsibilities would be). In 2015, Betsy accepted to take…

Colombino Headley

Colombino began attending Balboa Union Church in January 2004 and formally became a member in March 2005.  He replaced Patricia Thomas as the administrator in 2010, strongly supporting the mission committee from 2012-2015, quietly working behind the scenes. In 2018, he accepted to become Treasurer of the Council. Colombino can always be found helping with…

Alessandro Medaglia

Alessandro has been an active member of our church since 2014 and in 2020, he decided to join our council and provide more help to our Church.