Betsy Farah-Moran

Betsy has been with Balboa Union Church since 2010, and has actively participated as a member of the Worship & Ministry Committee since 2011.  In 2014 she accepted the role of Vice-President of the Council (with a lot of convincing and some understatement of what her responsibilities would be). In 2015, Betsy accepted to take…

Jillian Monaghan

In 2016, Jillian Monaghan took the role of Christian Education, an active role as Sunday School superintendent, assisted by Sherry Hansraj. In 2017 she has focused her energies on the Girl Guides group which meets at Balboa Union Church, actively serving the community.

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Phil Edmonston

Phil Edmonston first came to Panama in the 1960s with the military, as an infantry medic (1961-1964), during which time he attended Balboa Union Church.  He returned to Panama, in semi-retirement, after a successful career as a Canadian consumer advocate, writer, journalist and member of Parliament (Canada).  He is best known for his series of…

Maria Luisa Molina

Maria Luis Molina served with us in 2016 as the chair and coordinator of our Missions programs. In 2017 she has taken on a role in prayer & service, serving as a prayer warrior for our Church, behind the scenes.

Maria Lourdes Tarté de Guevara

Maria Lourdes joined Balboa Union Church in 2016, as a support to Joel Guerra (co-chair of Ministry and Worship, opening up a new contemporary Spanish service on Sunday mornings).  She has been leading these services for over a year now, and in 2017 joined the Council as interim President, until the position was occupied in…