Kendra Loban

Kendra and her family joined the church in February 2011, and she has been actively involved in Property Management since that time, taking great pride in helping refurbish and touch up many areas of the Church building and the parsonage. Much of the work done in the Bridal room, the Salon & the kitchen was…

Gabriela Molina

Gabriela Molina is the chair of our Youth & Adult activities ministry and additionally she volunteers as a Sunday School teacher.

Andrick Madrid

Andrick is the chair of our Missions committee, which is responsible for organising the monthly food baskets for the elderly. He also spends a lot of time assisting in the church with electrical (replacing old lighting fixtures with new LED fixtures), rewiring parts of the church that have old wiring, and general handy-man work that…

Jillian Monaghan

In 2016, Jillian Monaghan took the role of Christian Education, an active role as Sunday School superintendent, assisted by Sherry Hansraj. In 2017 she has focused her energies on the Girl Guides group which meets at Balboa Union Church, actively serving the community.

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Phil Edmonston

Phil Edmonston first came to Panama in the 1960s with the military, as an infantry medic (1961-1964), during which time he attended Balboa Union Church.  He returned to Panama, in semi-retirement, after a successful career as a Canadian consumer advocate, writer, journalist and member of Parliament (Canada).  He is best known for his series of…

Maria Luisa Molina

Maria Luis Molina served with us in 2016 as the chair and coordinator of our Missions programs. In 2017 she has taken on a role in prayer & service, serving as a prayer warrior for our Church, behind the scenes.

David Mahady

In 2018, David is no longer a member of the council, after various years of service. David has been an expat for more than 25 years, residing in Panama for the past decade, although originally from Scotland. While David struggles still with Spanish, he is able to understand and communicate with staff and others. David,…