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September/2017 Patio Sale

September 16, 2017

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When we held our January “annual” patio sale, the requests were overwhelming for a second patio sale. So, we have convinced our team of volunteers that we will hold a second patio sale on September 16, 2017! This will be from 8:00 a.m. to 12.00 p.m., the same as the January one, at the Balboa Union Church fellowship hall.  We will set up all our tables and hangers with the clothes, shoes, toys, children’s items, appliances, kitchen utensils, and serving dishes.  We often set aside a section for toddlers, babies and childrens stuff that includes prams, scooters, play pens, and even cribs.

So, we are collecting items from donors to sell at this September 16 garage sale! Please call us 3141004 and we will drive over to pick up your stuff if you are not able to drop it off. If you can drop it off, we are in Balboa, Ancón. Here is the map.

Things we love to receive:

  • Clothes – especially children, toddlers & babies
  • power tools
  • sporting equipment
  • skates, scooters, tricylces, & bicycles
  • toys
  • household items (irons, dishes)
  • furniture
  • gardening equipment
  • jewelry
  • bedding – quilts, sheets
  • curtains
  • shoes & boots
  • glassware
  • flower pots
  • picture frames

So -if you are looking to get rid of the clutter and move to a more minimalist lifestyle: please consider Balboa Union Church!  Tel. 3141004

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So – what are we going to use these funds for?

Air-conditioning for our Sanctuary:

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We are raising funds in order to install Air-conditioning in our upstairs Sanctuary. This project will require a substantial investment because of the size of the area to be cooled, as we have beautiful high ceilings, as you can appreciate in the photos. While Sunday morning services do not require air-conditioning, especially not in the summer months when we have a gentle ocean breeze coming through, in the wet season it gets humid. This humidity (in our “green season“) is particularly noticable in the afternoon and evenings.