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July 28 – Jazz night, Fundraising


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The event:

Come & join us 7:45 pm on Friday, July 28th for another jam session with Carlos Quiroz and friends! We are asking for donations from all those who attend (please consider donating $20.00 per person) – there will be a donations box at the entrance.

And we remember what Trevor St. John said about Jazz:

Jazz music and, more specifically, jazz musicians, are my artistic heroes. I want to be the Thelonious Monk of acting. He had no concern for how well he was received. He played whatever he wanted whenever he wanted. He just wasn’t interested in achieving the good opinion of his audience. That’s the Holy Grail of acting; of any art form.

It’s a wonderful time to kick back with friends, enjoying the jam. We will have tea & coffee available, as well as nibbles (cheese & crackers, chips & dip, and cookies).

We permit guests to bring wine and/or beer, not liquors, because we have Presbyterians in the congregation. What’s a Presbyterian, you ask? A Presbyterian is a Baptist who likes to drink but doesn’t have enough money to be Episcopalian. And if you don’t know the difference between a Baptist and a Methodist, it is simply this: The Methodist will tell you “howdy” when he sees you in the liquor store. And one final joke in celebration of our “unionism”…

One day a Catholic a Baptist and a Methodist decided to go fishing. They got in there boat and pushed there way over to the middle of the lake.
The Catholic Said, ”I forgot my hat” so he got up, got out of the boat and walked across the water.
He came back and the Baptist said, ” I forgot the fishing bait” so he got up, got out of the boat and walked across the water.
He came back and the Methodist said, ” I forgot the beer” so he got up, got out of the boat he was standing in the water then he sank.
About that time the Baptist said, “Do you think it’s time to tell him were the stepping stones are?

For more information, please call 314-1004 and speak with Mitchell in the office. Or drop us an email.

Air-conditioning for Sanctuary:

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We are raising funds in order to install Air-conditioning in our upstairs Sanctuary. This project will require a substantial investment because of the size of the area to be cooled, as we have beautiful high ceilings, as you can appreciate in the photos. While Sunday morning services do not require air-conditioning, especially not in the summer months when we have a gentle ocean breeze coming through, in the wet season it gets humid. This humidity (in our “green season“) is particularly noticable in the afternoon and evenings.