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Fiesta de Navidad de Niños 2017

A huge shout out to Luis Villar for organising the Christmas Party this year for the kids.  Obviously, this would not have been possible without the assistance of the many people who donated and volunteered to bring it all together. Among those that we should mention: Mitchell, Alexis, Colombino, Betty, Allys, Nestor, Betsy, Noris, Alberto, Maritza, Sherry (who spent hours wrapping presents), the Girl Scouts, Women’s Circles, Kendra & Miguel Loban, and the many other volunteers that have made this possible!

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Without a doubt, without the donations of gifts – our giving would not have reached the number of children that were present today! Without volunteers that spent HOURS wrapping presents on Friday afternoon and Friday night – we would have been unable to have everything ready for today.  The Girl Scouts helped to hand out the gifts as did the animators who volunteered their time and effort to keep the activities going and the children entertained for hours on end.


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Thank you to the girls doing face painting!

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To those men and women – especially Luis Villar, Josef Araujo (desserts) & Alexis – who were up and at it from the very early hours of the morning cooking and getting everything ready – and those that then rolled up their sleeves and got in the kitchen from the moment that they arrived: THANK YOU! We served hotdogs for breakfast and then had a full lunch: 3 roast turkeys, potato salad, Luis’ famous rice, & meatballs, plus all the cupcakes & deserts prepared by Josef!  It was a fantastic spread of food.

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