Newsletter, December 21st, 2018

Lighting the fourth Candle of Advent, the candle of “Love”

Mary and Joseph, with their faith, hope and humility, are victorious in the trial. There is no rejection, no sadness, no darkness or discomfort that can separate them from the love of Christ that is born.
They are the blessed ones of God, the ones who received him. God found the right place for him to be born. We join Mary and Joseph with a sincere desire to renounce to everything that prevents Jesus from being born in our hearts.Maria y José, con su fe, esperanza y humildad salen victoriosos en la prueba. No hay rechazo, ni frío, ni oscuridad ni incomodidad que les pueda separar del amor de Cristo que nace.
Ellos son los benditos de Dios que le reciben. Dios encontró el lugar exacto para que naciera, porque allí estaba el amor inmaculado. Nos unimos a Maria y José con un sincero deseo de renunciar a todo lo que impide que Jesús nazca en nuestro corazón.

Sunday, December 23rd

10:00 AM – Bilingual Service

Betsy Moran


Luke: 1:46-55

CandleLight Service

Come and join us on Christmas Eve for our Candlelight service, as we remember a night in WWII, when no lights could be lit and when our Church laid out on the front steps their candles, “lighting up the world”. This is a night in which we each remember that we let our lights shine – that Jesus came to earth so that each of us would be “the light of the earth”.

Each Christmas Eve, we spend a moment remembering that star that shone so bright and lead the way for the wise men, and we light our candles to show the way for each of us to follow.

Each Christmas Eve, we joyously sing Carols together, and enjoy the presentations from Hijos del Rey, as they present their acapela harmonies and soloists who lovingly come to present to the King their songs of praise.

Come and join us!

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Advent Reflection
We have waited for a long time
for your hope, your joy, your love
to shine in the darkness of this world, Almighty God.
Even now, in our gathering here, we await you.
In our hearts, we still hope that your light will blaze forth,
banishing the shadows of this world
and guiding all the people back to you.

Yet you did not come into this world
in a show of power and glory.
You did not shine forth for all of creation to behold.
A tiny spark –
a newborn baby,
visible to parents and curious animals.
A host of angels –
away from the populated areas,
singing to migrant workers.
A sparkling star –
guiding foreigners to see what neighbors could not.

Open our hearts, merciful God,
to the sparks of your presence still in this world.
Open our eyes,
that we might behold your presence in the least likely of places,
and among the least likely of people.

God with us,
kindle your spark within us,
that together we may shine forth your light,
we might banish the shadows of this world,
we might be the continuation of the Christmas miracle:
Emmanuel is in this world,
God is with us, now and evermore.

Illumine our hearts, gracious God,
that we might speak anew the words your Son will teach us….

Balboa Union Church has 1 apartment available for rent. The apartment is 120 m2 approx, 2 rooms + studio (which could be transformed into a kid’s room), 1 guest room, 1 full bathroom and 1 guest bathroom, living room, kitchen, excellent green area with trees and a lot of space for kids, 1 parking space -on street-, in addition, it is located in one of the safest areas of Panama, with 24-hour surveillance by Canal Police office and easy access to “Puente de las Americas”, less than 5 minutes from Albrook Mall and Marcos A. Gelabert airport (Albrook’s airport), less than 5 minutes from the Amador Causeway and easy access to the center of the city.

The apartment is ideal for workers of the Port of Balboa (less than 5 minutes walking) and/or for workers of Panama Canal Offices.

More information at 314-1004 or at 6458-4909

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