Newsletter December 14th, 2018

Christmas Party for Kids 2018

Tomorrow, we will have a party day with the girls of the Capital, from 11:55 am we will be at cinema, watching the movie “The Grinch”, then we will be sharing with them in church’s facilities, where we will give the gifts, food and more!

You are on time!
You can take any donation of snacks, sweets, piñatas or anything you would like to, to our Church and share with us!

Lighting the Second Candle of Advent, the candle of “Joy”

This Sunday, December 16th, we will be lighting the pink candle of “Joy”, The  candle of Joy is lit on the third Sunday of Advent and with it, we would be symbolizing the joy we feel for the arrival of Christ.

Sunday, December 16th

10:00 AM – Bilingual Service

Speaker | Ponente:

Noris Bustamante

Readings – Lecturas

Deuteronomio – Deuteronomy: 30:15, 19 y 20
1ra de Timoteo – I Timothy: 2:9-15

Here is a thoughtful reflection on Malachi 3:2, one of the suggested scripture readings for the second Sunday of Advent
Advent Reflection
Who can endure the day of his coming,
and who can stand when he appears?
For he is like a refiner’s fire
and like fullers’ soap. (Malachi 3:2, NRSV)
Who am I fooling?
How can I even begin to hide?
For you will strip me bare when you come,
searing through self-image and pretense like a fire,
like a scalding bath in lye,
scrubbed raw by the vigilant fuller
until nothing remains
but my vulnerable, limited self –
no longer caught up in who I strive to be,
but attuned to how God is calling me to be
and willing to be woven
into a new work.

CandleLight Service

Come and join us on Christmas Eve for our Candlelight service, as we remember a night in WWII, when no lights could be lit and when our Church laid out on the front steps their candles, “lighting up the world”. This is a night in which we each remember that we let our lights shine – that Jesus came to earth so that each of us would be “the light of the earth”.

Each Christmas Eve, we spend a moment remembering that star that shone so bright and lead the way for the wise men, and we light our candles to show the way for each of us to follow.

Each Christmas Eve, we joyously sing Carols together, and enjoy the presentations from Hijos del Rey, as they present their acapela harmonies and soloists who lovingly come to present to the King their songs of praise.

Come and join us!

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We are located at – Estamos ubicados en: Calle Enrique Linares, #776. Balboa, Ancon.

Balboa Union Church cuenta con 1 apartamento disponible para renta en el área revertida de Balboa
El apartamento cuenta con 70m2 aproximadamente, cuenta con Sala – comedor, Cocina completa y amplia, 1 habitación con baño, 1 baño de visitas, , Espacio para almacén, una amplia área verde y 1 estacionamiento privado, además de estar en una de las zonas más seguras de Panama, con vigilancia las 24 horas y acceso inmediato al puente de las Américas, a menos de 5 minutos de Albrook Mall y el aeropuerto Marcos A. Gelabert (aeropuerto de Albrook), a menos de 5 minutos del Causeway de Amador y fácil acceso al centro de la ciudad.
El Apartamento es ideal para trabajadores del Puerto de Balboa (a menos de 5 minutos caminando) y/o para trabajadores de Oficinas del Canal de Panama.

Para más información, puedes contactarnos al 314-1004 | 6458-4909 WhatsApp
Facebook & Twitter: @BALBOAUNION
Correo electrónico:
Estamos ubicados en: Calle Enrique Linares, #776. Balboa, Ancon.

Readings to share

What Is Advent and How Can Your Church Celebrate It?

The Advent season has taken on new meaning to me since I joined Sojourn Community Church, where we observe the seasons and movements—such as Advent—of the Christian liturgical calendar.

Growing up, my family celebrated the birth of Christ every Christmas season, singing Christmas hymns, watching films and musicals (often my family was conducting these musicals), depicting the nativity story, sharing delicious meals and treats and gifts with each other.


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