Children Party – 2017

Dear Members and Friends of Balboa Union Church

Balboa Union Church will carry out the traditional “Christmas Party”, which will take place on December 16, 2017, at 9:30 a.m.

The party will be attended by 20 kids from Kuna Nega communities that have been invited through the Ancon Community Board. We will also have 20 girls from the home “Niñas de la Capital (Girls of the City, more information about them in Here)” Home to whom, through our Missions program, we have been helping every month with a special load of food and health products, we will also have our 20 boys and girls of the Sunday School. The development of this event involves a lot of help in different ways, right now we already have 9 volunteers who will take care of all the logistics and coordination, but we still need more help.

Therefore, we would like to ask you for help and support by donating and contributing to the development of this great event. You can help us: providing food that children can eat during the party, toys, financial aid to purchase all the materials and supplies necessaries to carry out all the activities we have planned and/or any donation that considers sharing with us.

You can bring your donations to the Church or call us at 314-1004 with Mitchell Quijano or at 6598-7316 with Luis Villar and we will be more than happy to pick up the donations from you.We appreciate all the support and help you could provide us with the development of this event.

Balboa Union Church