Weekly Newsletter, August 14th 2015

From the Pastor´s Desk

John 6: 35.41
Jesus said to unto them: I am the bread of life.
– The Jews then murmured at him.

Dear friends and members of our Balboa Union Church

Jesus says in an exclusive way: I am the bread of life. Therefore we can find life only through him, looking for a relationship with him. Without faith in Jesus we will not find true life.
The Evangelist John narrated also the reaction of some listeners of Jesus. It was not only the protest of a group of Jews; I think we can discover a very human reaction. We all want to be autonomous and self-sufficient.
However so many times we forget that life is a gift which comes from God.

These days I found two items that I would like to share with you.
The first was a simple review of a book written by a colleague in Germany, Werner Thiede: »Digitaler Turmbau zu Babel. Der Technikwahn und seine Folgen.«
(Digital Tower of Babel. The technology craze and its consequences)
The writer asks: What is behind our digital obsession? Isn´t it another arrogant attempt to build paradise on earth? The digital revolution is greatly aided by technology, economics and politics. Related to that is the issue of power, total and totalitarian power. Thiede sums up his vision in one of his thesis: “The IT-Hype creates a technocratic substitute religion and installs it as a new civil religion which makes us forget God.”
Cling and Click!
On Sunday I found the second two-page article in “La Prensa”
(here the link: http://impresa.prensa.com/mosaico_dominical/hombre-inmortal-futuro_0_4273822591.html).
Again mankind is tempted to “play” God. As a result of the conference the Panamanian journalist wrote: “Imagine being able to design your future baby with all the genetic features you want …”
Where does all this lead us? According to the followers of the new technology we will enter in a “post human era… [which] will be the end of the old human species, and the beginning of the new species post human”.
As Christians we are not against new technologies, but we see and want them as simple tools. They never can be a substitute for God. We invite everyone to listen to God´s word and to follow God’s commandments. Other attempts wouldn´t create a paradise but rather a new dictatorship.

If they want to hear a little bit more about it, I invite you to our Sunday worship.

Kind Regards
Reverend Roland


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SPEAKER: Rev Roland Schnell

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First Testament Readings and Psalm 1 Kings 2:10-12;3:3-14, Psalm 111
Epistle Reading Ephesians 5:15-20
Gospel Reading John 6:51-58

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