At Balboa Union Church we believe in Fellowship in both definitions of the word – both the Biblical meaning as well as the social meaning.  So, at Balboa Union Church you find not only community, where we enjoy getting to know each other, sitting down over a coffee or iced tea with cookies or cake, but you’ll also find a family of brothers and sisters who share the ideal of following in Christ’s footsteps in serving others, where we gather to pray together, for each other, for our community and for those in need.  Our service begins at 10:00 AM but if you come early, you can help fold bulletins and have coffee, cookies and juice.

We invite all of our members and visitors to stay after the service for fellowship, so that they can also get to know teach other, whether that is just a casual coffee, or celebrating a birthday, baptism or other special events.   Our Church is known for the friendly atmosphere.  Children have a great time in Sunday school and in the play room after the service.

If this is your first time visiting us, here’s some extra information you may find useful.