Sunday, May 19th, 2019

Sunday, May 19th

10:00 AM – Bilingual Service

Betsy Morán


Acts: 14:21-27
John: 13:31-35

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Sleep and bedtime prayers before sleep present a unique opportunity for us to connect with God.

Maybe we had a good day. Maybe we had a bad day. Either way, bedtime prayer is an opportunity for us to reset, in a sense. To freshly connect with God. To properly align our hearts with God’s will before we go to sleep.

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Prayer for God’s People

How wondrous is your great forgiving love, mighty God!.
How wondrous is your life-giving power!.
With joy we revel in the glow of the sun this day,
and we wonder at the life everlasting
that you have opened for us in raising Jesus from the dead.
As people born of his Spirit,
we are awakened to a world that is caught still
in the night-shades of sin,
and broken by its suffering.
And here, in the midst of all death,
we long to bring life;
we would see Jesus,
and we would lift him up
as a beacon of your love and promise to our world.
Hear our prayers for those who are suffering this day—
the hungry and homeless,
the sick and imprisoned,
the angry, the lonely and lost.
We pray that you would not let our concern pass from our hearts
as these words pass from our lips,
but rather that you would empower us to do your work
of healing and reconciliation in their lives.
We especially lift to you this day
all those who are close to our hearts,
whose needs we are so often reminded of,
and for ourselves in our own needs.
As you made a fearful and disjointed band of disciples
into your holy church,
we pray that you would make us anew,
that we, your body in our world,
would serve you in joy and hope and thankfulness
all the days of our life together in Christ Jesus our Lord,
in whose glorious name we pray.


Balboa Union Church has 1 apartment available for rent. The apartment is 120 m2 approx, 2 rooms + studio (which could be transformed into a kid’s room), 1 guest room, 1 full bathroom and 1 guest bathroom, living room, kitchen, excellent green area with trees and a lot of space for kids, 1 parking space -on street-, in addition, it is located in one of the safest areas of Panama, with 24-hour surveillance by Canal Police office and easy access to “Puente de las Americas”, less than 5 minutes from Albrook Mall and Marcos A. Gelabert airport (Albrook’s airport), less than 5 minutes from the Amador Causeway and easy access to the center of the city.

The apartment is ideal for workers of the Port of Balboa (less than 5 minutes walking) and/or for workers of Panama Canal Offices.

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