Newsletter – September 21st, 2018


Sunday – 23/09/2018

10:00 AM –  Bilingual Service

Message: A Strong Woman”

Speaker: Beth Gray


Proverbs – 31: 10-31




Call to Worship

Are you longing for more wisdom in your life? Do you face conflicts that need answers, tough situations that require special insight?
Do you need more peace in your life?
Do you long to bear good fruit in your life?
Draw near to God, the giver of wisdom, and God will draw near to you. We ask for your wisdom, O God, not the earthly wisdom that we hear and see every day.
Let your understanding flow through our lives like a stream, so that we may bear the good fruits of welcome and compassion.
Teach us that our true dignity is found in honoring you by serving others.

Prayer of Confession


God of patience and mercy, we come to you, offering “lip service” to serving you, but when things get difficult; when we are called to do something which is hard for us, we shy away from the duty and the opportunity. We turn our back on service out of fear of failure. Forgive us, gracious Lord. Heal our fears and our weaknesses. Strengthen us and give us courage to truly be your disciples, not counting the rewards, but rejoicing in the work. In Jesus’ Name, we pray. AMEN.

BUC Fundraiser

Sunday, September 30th

10:00 AM – Bilingual Service

Betsy Morán

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