NL 17.August.2018


Sunday | 19/08/2018

10:00 AM – Bilingual Service


“Parable of the Sower”


Noris Bustamante


Gálatas: 5:22 al 25

Wednesday – 22/08/2018



Sunday – 26/08/2018

10:00 AM – Bilingual Service

Message by:

Betsy Moran




Reflection at the End of a Day

In the silence
we hold before God the day now passing into history
and we give thanks
Lord, for this day
We give you thanks
Lord, for the moments when we encountered grace and beauty
We give you thanks
Lord, for conversations that have made an impact on our lives
We give you thanks
Lord, for the times when we have seen you at work
We give you thanks
In the silence we hold before God the hurts of the past day
Lord, we remember the times
when we have not shown love
through our thoughts, words and actions
We seek forgiveness
Lord, we remember the times
when we have been hurt by the words and actions of others
Help us to forgive
Lord, we remember the times
when we have been distracted from seeking after you
Lord, make yourself known to us,
help us to see you
in the midst of the noise and clamour of this world
In the silence we hold before God
tomorrow and the opportunities it bears
Lord, we pray that your Holy Spirit would guide us
into the ways of righteousness
That you would give us strength for the journey
Lord, you know the shape of our lives at this time,
you know the delights we enjoy and the pressures we endure.
Guide us and give us wisdom to know your will,
strengthen our resolve to discern your call.
Lord, make yourself known to us in the daily pattern of our lives,
Help us to see the fruit borne out of small actions
Lord, help us to live faithfully amidst uncertainty,
Fortify us to be followers in your Way
Lord, help us to not live as autonomous units,
But as fellow travellers on a journey.
Lord, build up the community of which we are part,
And shape it around the cross of your Son Jesus Christ.
Lord, as we sleep tonight, may we rest in the knowledge of your relentless love
When we wake tomorrow,
may we be prepared for all that lies ahead

Thank you, Lord, for all our dear friends and family here at the Balboa Union Church


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When joining a new church—it should be obvious that the decision should be based on more than the relevant name or the church’s online presence.

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Apartment on rent

Balboa Union Church has 1 apartment available for rent. The apartment is 120 m2 approx, 2 rooms + studio (which could be transformed into a kid’s room), 1 guest room, 1 full bathroom and 1 guest bathroom, living room, kitchen, excellent green area with trees and a lot of space for kids, 1 parking space -on street-, in addition, it is located in one of the safest areas of Panama, with 24-hour surveillance by Canal Police office and easy access to “Puente de las Americas”, less than 5 minutes from Albrook Mall and Marcos A. Gelabert airport (Albrook’s airport), less than 5 minutes from the Amador Causeway and easy access to the center of the city.

The apartment is ideal for workers of the Port of Balboa (less than 5 minutes walking) and/or for workers of Panama Canal Offices.

More information at 314-1004 or at 6458-4909


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