NL 3/02/2018

This week at Balboa Union Church

Sunday – 04/03/2018

Sermon: Pastor Bertram Lavalas


Deuteronomio 16:1-6
1 Corintios 5:6-8


– We Pray to God for all the victims of the Boyacá building fire, may God have mercy and help them on this tragedy and give them the strength to recover their homes. We thank you, God for material and non-human losses.

– We pray for all animals that suffer abuse and do not have a home

– We pray for Diana Johnson who has health troubles. We pray to Lord for her spirit and Soul

– We Pray for Ana Raquel Adames who is fighting the Cancer

– We pray for each member of our Congregation

Glowing God, we have known your presence. We have lived in your love. Show us your glory. Reveal your glory

BUC Fundraiser

Next Week at Balboa Union Church

Wednesday – 07/3/2018

Sunday – 11/3/2018

Message by: Beth Gray

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Over the years Pastor Jim Cymbala has openly shared numerous heartbreaking stories of pastors who determined to become men of prayer and lead praying churches, only to encounter congregational members who became so resistant and divisive that their church actually split.

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