This week at Balboa Union Church – September 8th


We would like to offer congratulations to a gentleman who has one of the most important responsibilities of the Sunday Service. He assists with the speaker system to ensure everyone can hear the speaker.
We are referring to Colombino Headley, who is in charge of the Church’s Sound System. also, he gives of his talent and knowledge as Administrator of the Church.
Please join us as we honor him for his outstanding services to our Church.

Nos gustaría felicitar al caballero que tiene una de las responsabilidades más importantes durante nuestro Servicio del día Domingo. el nos brinda toda su ayuda y soporte con las bocinas y el sistema de sonido, asi todos podemos escuchar claramente el Sermon.
Hablamos de Colombino Headley, la persona encargada del Sistema de Sonido de la Iglesia, quien también nos ayuda dando su talento como administrador de la Iglesia y nos brinda todo su apoyo administrativo.
Felicitemos a Colombino por su excelente trabajo y gran desempeño a favor de nuestra Iglesia.

SUNDAY / DOMINGO 10/09/2017

10:00 AM – English Service

Balboa Union Church, lay leader, Noris Bustamante, prayer, support, chaplaincy, prayer chaplain, service, elderly, AAAM, missions program


Speaker – Ponente:
Noris Bustamante

Undergoing treatment for cancer – Combatiendo cáncer: Nilka Nilka Rivera; Diana de Aguilar and Eloisa Angulo (Egipza’s Mother) who now is at home, but still not feeling well. We continue to pray for all our friends And members.

Other health concerns among members, loved ones and friends of BUC – Otras preocupacionesdesalud de nuestros miembrosseres queridos y amigos de BUC:

– We pray for Connie Blackman, who has been moved to the Home Residencial Tender Loving Care. for more details about the home call to BUC Office/Oramospor Connie Blackman, quien se ha mudado porcompleto a su nuevo hogar Residencial Tender Loving Care. Para más detalles puedes llamar a la Oficina de BUC.

– We pray for Pastor Bill Wilbur (Gamboa Union Church), who is having a medical check on October/Oramos por el Pastor Bill Wilbur (Gamboa Union Church), quien tiene un chequeo medico en Octubre.

– We Pray for all the conflict that is affecting the South of Sudan and bring them all the help they need

– Please keep in your prayers for Our Brothers and Sisters from Syria and Iraq and all the refugees or the world affected by wars and violence.

– We pray for all the deceases and all the families affected by hurricanes Harvey and Irma that have beaten Houston-Texas, Antigua and Barbuda, Republic Dominic, Miami-Florida and Cuba. May Jesus, in the name of the Father, help them to recover from this Natural disaster.

– We pray for all the volunteers that are helping to affected families. We pray to God to give them strength and keep them safe from any risk they may find while helping.

– We pray for our brother in Christ Ovidio who is going thru a difficult time and needs our prayers

773 purchase – Gratitude for paperwork moving forward! We value your continued prayers until we finish the property purchase and all the paperwork.

God understands our prayers even when we can’t find the words to say them

BUC Fundraiser – Recaudación de Fondos
Every Sunday After Service – Todos Los Domingos después Del Servicio

We would like to thank you to the Members of the Panama Canal Society for their donation to the church, this donation will help us to the installation of the A/C in our Sanctuary.

Nos gustaría agradecer a todos los miembros de Panama Canal Society por su donación a la Iglesia. Esta donación, nos ayudará a la instalación del Aire Acondicionado de nuestro Santuario.

Wednesday / Miércoles 13/09/2017

Yard Sale – Venta de Patio

BUC Fundraiser – Recaudación de

Balboa Union Church is hosting a second yard sale on September 16th and we are collecting:

 Balboa Union Church realizará su segunda Venta de Patio el día 16 de Septiembre y estamos recolectando:

Clothes – especially children, toddlers & babies, power tools, sporting equipment, skates, scooters, tricycles, & bicycles, toys, household items irons, dishes), furniture, gardening equipment, jewelry, bedding – quilts, sheets, curtains, shoes & boots, glassware, flower pots, picture frames

So -if you are looking to get rid of the clutter and move to a more minimalist lifestyle: please consider Balboa Union Church!

We would be happy to come and pick these up from you call us at 314-1004.

Ropa – de cualquier talla, Herramientas eléctricas, Equipo para hacerejercicio, Patines, Scooters, Triciclos y Bicicletas, Juguetes, Productos para la casa (Planchas, platos), Muebles, Equipo de jardín, Joyería, Ropa de cama, edredones, sabanas, Cortinas de todo tamaño, Zapatos y botas, Cristalería, Macetas, Cuadros pinturas de pared.

Si estás  buscando deshacerte del desorden y moverte a un estilo de vida más  minimalista, por favor considera a Balboa Union Church!

Tenemos recolección a domicilio, si no puedes llegar, nosotros lo recogemos! solo llámanos  al teléfono : 314-1004. 



September 17th – Beth Gray


Romans 14:1-12

Extra Readings:

Matthew 18:21-35

Psalm 103:(1-7), 8-13


September 24th – José Ordoñez


Philippians 1:21-30

Extra Readings:

Matthew 20:1-16

Psalm 145:1-8



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