Weekly Newsletter: December 11, 2015

Thought for today:

How did the ox and the donkey enter into the Christmas story?

Many families follow an old tradition. For Christmas time they prepare a nativity scene. Always 3 figures stand together. In the middle of all are Mary and Joseph with the child, and then follow 3 shepherds and 3 kings. We know these characters from the Christmas story. With the shepherds sheep have been added. – But how could enter the ox and the donkey into the Christmas story?

A legend tells us that the angel Gabriel got the task to choose 2 animals for the nativity scene. Of course everybody got afraid from the lion, the king of the animals. So he couldn’t enter. The monkey made too many stupid things. And so was found an objection in each animal.

Evening came and Gabriel still hasn’t advanced a single step with his task. Finally the ox and the donkey trotted before the angel. They had worked the whole day on the field.

“You two, what are your skills?” asked Gabriel “We?” And the ox and ass looked at each other and said: “We serve and obey.” – “Come” said Gabriel, “You fit perfectly. This child came to serve and to obey.”

How do we want to live, dear friends? The world preaches cleverness and the law of the strongest. Christmas presents us the ox and the donkey close to the center.

The prophet Isaiah wrote: “The ox knows its owner, and the donkey his master’s crib; but Israel does not know, my people do not understand.” Isaiah 1:3

Ox and donkey know the source of life. – Jesus needs us, our service and our faith.

I wish you all a merry time of Advent and Christmas.

Reverend Roland


Worship Service at 10 a.m. – ALL ARE WELCOME!

SPEAKER: Joel Guerra

Sunday School Teachers:

First Testament Readings and Psalm Zephaniah 3:14-20; Isaiah 12:2-6
Epistle Reading Philippians 4:4-7
Gospel Reading Luke 3:7-18

 Prayers Concerns

Please Pray for Our Brothers and Sisters from Siria and Iraq

Lord, please remind the world that we are all brothers and sisters and there should be no violence among us, only love and attempts to understand one another.

We also remember in prayer our former pastors:

  • Luis Veagra – facing health issues
  • Clarence Payne – dealing with Rosita’s recent stroke & passing

Up-coming BUC Activities

Special End-of-Year Activities From Missions Committee:

December 12 – Christmas Party


Dear Members & Friends:

Christmas is around the corner, and as every year we will receive in our church 62 underprivileged children. We need volunteers and donations($20 per children) of toys, clothes, and food for the Christmas party. Sharing is caring…  for more information please contact to Betsy Moran to missionsbuc@gmail.com, Allys de la Rosa  to adelarosak@gmail.com, or call to BUC Office 314-1004, We will be collecting donations on Sunday in the Church, and during the week.

December 13th – Visit to home in Howard – Christmas Carols & Apple Pie

Diapositiva1Visit to Fundación Nueva Vida – We have programmed our next visit for the 2nd Sunday of December, which is the 13th of December.  We would love for you to join us!  We had a request from Fundación Nueva Vida for music and Christmas Carols at the home.  Please coordinate with Roland Schnell, our Pastor, if you would like to participate in the Christmas Carols. (pastor@balboaunionchurch.org or 314-1004)  Thank you!

December 15th – AAAM Program Christmas Party20151020_141123

Missions AAAM Program – All BUC Membrs and Friends are invited to Participate in our December AAAM Program on Saturday December 12th, 3:00 pm.  Join us for a Christmas party!!

Special Invitation: Carols with St. Mary’s

On Sunday, December 20, 5:00 p.m., Balboa Union Church and St. Mary’s will be doing a special “Posada” in our San Pablo/ Tavernilla neighborhood.  This will be a get together to sing carols and then have a tea and a bite to eat afterwards.  Joel & Pastor Roland are coordinating the details with St. Mary’s for this event.

 Concert Invitation From Our Friends Panama-Coro de Opera


 Balboa Union Church Concert- Sonidos Navideños

Date: Thursday December 17th

Time: 8:00 Pm

Donation: 10.00

This event is for the benefit of Hogar niños San José de Malambo

BUC Christmas Eve Candle Light Service Invitation

 xmas service 2015.sig

Concert Invitation From Our Friend of Cantus Panama Carols of the birds

Dear Friends,

Please join us for “Carols of the Birds”, a musical potpourri for the holidays.  The concert will be presented on Sunday, December 13, 2015 at 4:00 PM at the BioMuseo on the Amador Causeway.
Tickets will be available at the door and all proceeds will go to benefit Spay Panama.  Suggested donation: $15 Please mark your calendars and tell all of your friends about this exciting event!
Together we can help Spay Panama continue their important work helping animals across Panama.  To learn more about Spay Panama, please go to http://www.spaypanama.org.  We are excited and are looking forward to helping in our small way.

BUC Christmas Potluck-Sunday December 27th-

Sunday December 27th, please come and join us. Bring your favorite Christmas plate!

We welcome any special visitors that would like to join us for this celebration, and invite you to bring friends and family to this special celebration.

Lunch usually starts promptly after the service, so please ensure that your visitors are aware that some are pushing for an early lunch as soon as the service is over.


Other news:

Building 773:

We continue ouro work sprucing up Building 773 – the basement, apartment C and other common areas.  We would be happy to have any volunteers that can assist with this, and any donations towards this work would always be appreciated.

Good Deeds Program in Casco Viejo:

In  BUC Missions we are Collaborating with “Good Deeds ” Program: Here is more information regarding the Good Deeds Program. And here is some information regarding their activities, if you want to participate and volunteer more actively.