Weekly Newsletter: October 16, 2015

Verse for today:

Haggai 2: 6-7

6 “This is what the LORD Almighty says: ‘In a little while I will once more shake the heavens and the earth, the sea and the dry land. 7 I will shake all nations, and the desired of all nations will come, and I will fill this house with glory,’ says the LORD Almighty.

Lately there has been a lot of talk about earthquakes and tsunamis, about the shaking of the heavens and the earth, the sea and the dry land.  There have been shake ups in the financial world and there is turmoil politically.  There is war and so little peace.  Add to that the pressures, demands, expectations and tasks all press upon us and assault our schedules.

Do this! Do that! Phone him! Answer her! Finish this. Visit them.

It seems that everyone wants a piece of us – family, workplace, church, school, and clubs. It seems like we have so little left to give in terms of time, and talent and money. We find ourselves rushing through life, ticking off our lists, attending to the necessary, the immediate and the urgent. But too often we miss out on the important. And Haggai reminds us of why that is.

It’s not about time management, or because we have so many demands placed upon us, it’s about values, and priorities. It’s about what is truly important to us. The shaking up that happens is to fill God’s house with God’s glory – and that house is each one of us!  Each of our lives should be filled with his light and glory for all to see.

“Lord, as you shake all things to establish your will, please shake away my darkness, fear, guilt and shame. Shake away my lust, pride, anger, lies and inconsistencies. Shake away my pain and sorrow. Bring me hope for tomorrow, silver and gold belongs to you- Lord supply my needs according to your riches in glory.  Amen.”

Special invitation:

  • This is a special invitation to all BUC members and friends to our worship service on two next Sundays – we will have guest pastors speaking:
    • Pastor Maria Lourdes Guevara on Sunday October 18th and
    • Pastor Douglas Shepler on Sunday October 25th.
  •  On Sunday the 25th, we will have a potluck lunch; please come and join us. Bring your favorite Pot Luck plate! 


Worship Service at 10 a.m. – ALL ARE WELCOME!

SPEAKER: Pastor Maria Lourdes Guevara, she will peak about “Mental health and the Church “

Sunday School Teachers: Roland Schnell + helpers

First Testament Readings and Psalm  Job 38:1-7, (34-41); Psalm 104:1-9, 24, 35c
Epistle Reading Hebrews5:1-10
Gospel Reading Mark 10:35-45

Prayers Concerns

Please Pray for Our Brothers and Sisters in Chile

Please pray for those who were affected by the floods in Panama, as well as those who lost their homes due to the danger of landslides recently.

Please Pray for Our Brothers and Sisters from Siria and Iraq

Lord, please remind the world that we are all brothers and sisters and there should be no violence among us, only love and attempts to understand one another.

Up-coming BUC Activities

  • Council meeting- Saturday-October 17th 1:00 pm BUC Office. This will be a meeting of Missions, Property &Management, Christian Education, Worship & Ministry, Membership committee chairs and other council members.  But all members of the congregation may sit in on the meetings and deliberations. If you have any issues you would like the council to consider, these should bepresent to the Council Secretary before the meeting, so that they can be included in the agenda.
  • Visit to Fundacion Nueva Vida in Howard-October 18th (3rd Sunday of the month) we will be vising the Fundación Nueva Vida home in Howard – please join us immediately after the service to go on this visit.
  • We are currently working on sprucing up Building 773 – the basement, apartment C and other common areas.  We would be happy to have any volunteers that can assist with this, and any donations towards this work would always be appreciated.
  • Missions AAAm Program-All BUC Membrs and Friends are invited to Participate in our next month AAAM Program on Tuesday  October 20th, 2:30 pm

In  BUC Missions we are Collaborating with “Good Deeds ” Program:

Here is more information regarding the Good Deeds Program.

And here is some information regarding their activities, if you want to participate and volunteer more actively.