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La lengua, es fuego..

¿Cuántos de nosotros hemos escuchado la advertencia: juega con fuego y te quemarás? Esta mañana, nuestra lectura del libro de Santiago, nos recuerda que la lengua es un fuego y que puede consumirnos. Por un lado, el fuego trae calor, seguridad, agua potable limpia y alimentos cocinados, pero, por otro lado, también es una bestia…

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Just a Carpenter

Jesus – was he «just a carpenter». How do you allow others to define you?
How many of you today have felt that you have just received a huge new learning, something that has truly transformed your life, and you share it at home — and no one is listening?

Or maybe you have started a new diet and it is really working for you… you are excited about it, and share it with those who know you best… and they just don’t get how important this discovery is for you? You may choose to allow yourself to be defined by what you do. You may choose to be defined by the expectations others have of you.