2017-08-26 How to visit Connie at Tender Loving Care

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How to get to Tender Loving Care: Visiting Connie

Now that Connie is settled into her nursing home, it’s time to organise visits to her.
As you can see above, we are providing a map, as the instructions of «Calle 7a, Ciudad Radial» don’t seem to show up on any map! Apparently everyone «knows» that this is Calle 7, but I certainly wasn’t able to find it.
I eventually asked a lot of people that I know, that live in Juan Diaz and Las Acacias, and «everyone» knew exactly which street it was.
In Waze, if you search of «Av. 1 H Sur» that will take you to 1 street off – you want Av. 2 H Sur in Waze, but every time I did a search for that street, it took me to another neighbourhood, rather than to Ciudad Radial.
If you are using Google Maps, then you want to search for «Calle Radial B» and it should take you almost to exactly where you need to go.
Please don’t ask me to explain why on one set of maps they are under one name and another set have another different set of names entirely and why «everyone» in the neighbourhood knows this street as «Calle 7». I am as lost as you are trying to make heads and tails of this.
But I hope that at least with these instructions, you will be able to find the home.
We will follow up with more photos of Connie from visits we make to her over the following weeks!
If you have any pictures of Connie, please share them with us: office@balboaunionchurch.org

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If you have better instructions than these for how to get there, please also share them with us so that we can get thm out to everyone else!