Weekly Newsletter May 8th ,2015

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This week we met with brothers and sisters of other communities of faith.
We participated in an ecumenical meeting celebrating the light and power of Easter (Via Lucis).

I want to express my thanks to our lawyers working so hard on the legal process to get title to our land under License 1722, with the multiple issues that have arisen out of this; and I extend my thanks to the whole neighborhood and other churches which support us.
Among various we formulate a prayer, as we were asked to, so that we all can pray in union to our God. I am glad that many see these dark moments as an opportunity to give a Christian witness of unity and justice.
May God protect and bless us all


Esta semana nos reunimos con hermanas y hermanos de otras comunidades de fe.

Participamos en un encuentro ecuménico celebrando la luz y el poder de la Pascua.

Agradezco a nuestras abogadas que trabajan en el proceso para titular nuestra tierra bajo la licencia 1722 con las múltiples complicaciones que han surgido en este proceso; damos gracias a toda la comunidad y a las demás iglesias que nos apoyan.

Entre varios formulamos una oración, como se nos pidió, para que JUNTOS recemos a nuestro Dios. Me alegro que muchos vean estos momentos oscuros como una oportunidad para dar un testimonio cristiano de unidad y por la justicia.

Que Dios nos proteja y bendiga a todos

Reverend Roland

Señor Jesús, nos acercamos a ti confiando en tu promesa de hallar paz en ti.

Es cierto, el mundo nos aprieta; pero tú has vencido al mundo.

Por eso, Señor, entregamos a ti nuestras vidas para que tu Espíritu nos limpie, fortifique y guíe a la verdad. Señor, que tu Espíritu Santo nos de sabiduría y dirija nuestro proceder.

Nos quieres y nos envías como tus testigos a este mundo, donde abundan potestades de las tinieblas.

Señor, pedimos por tu protección y que tu Espíritu Santo nos dé tanto la astucia de las serpientes como también la pureza de las palomas.

Señor, que tu justicia engrandezca nuestra nación, e impida que la maldad deshonre a nuestro pueblo.

Rezamos unidos para que nuestro testimonio en palabras y hechos glorifique a Dios Creador, el gran amante de la vida.



Lord Jesus, we come to you trusting in your promise to find peace in you. True, the world presses in on us; But you have overcome the world.

Therefore, Lord, we give you our lives so that your Spirit may cleanse us, fortify us and guide us to thetruth.

Lord, may your Holy Spirit give us wisdom and direct our actions.

You send us as your witnesses into this world, even with its abundant powers of darkness.

Lord, we pray for your protection.

You send us like sheep among wolves. So help us to be wise as serpents and innocent as doves. (Mt 10:16)

Lord, may your righteousness magnify our nation, and prevent evil disgrace to our people.

We pray that our witness in words and deeds will glorify God the Creator, the great lover of life.



Worship Service at 10 a.m. – ALL ARE WELCOME!

Children’s Sunday School Teachers: Beth Anne Gray

SPEAKER:  Rev. Roland Schnell

First Testament Readings and Psalm Acts 10:44-48Psalm 98
Epistle Reading 1 John 5:1-6
Gospel Reading John 15:9-17


Other News

Thursday Evening Men’s Group

David would remind all gentlemen in the church that they are welcome to join the men’s group that gets together every Thursday, 5- 7 p.m., at the Tryp Hotel (Albrook).  This is a time for fellowship and getting to know other members of our church family.

Upcoming Events

Ladies Afternoon Tea

In speaking with Betsy, we have discussed having the next afternoon tea at the Los Ríos Old Folks Home, where we can spend time with their 23 residents and get to know them.  We will confirm details of the date in May for this afternoon tea.  Please contact Beth and/or Betsy for further details or suggestions.

Kiwanis Room

IMG-20150507-WA0001We have an update from Property Management! The Kiwanis Room is up and ready for use!  It looks great, thanks to all the hard work done by Sue.




Community Request

We have a request from Beth to get the message out about her missing German Shepherd: