Yard Sale 2018

Balboa Union Church will hold its second Yard Sale on September 15, 2018.

The funds collected will help us to ensure the continuity of our Social Programs, Food Basket delivery to Seniors (bridging families Program) and Food Aid to the project “Girls of the Capital”

To can help us donating: Clothes – especially children, toddlers & babies, power tools, sporting equipment, skates, scooters, tricycles, & bicycles, toys, household items (irons, dishes), furniture, gardening equipment, jewelry, bedding – quilts, sheets, curtains, shoes & boots, glassware, flower pots, picture frames and any other item (in conditions) you might have and would like to get rid of it.


We would be happy to come and pick these up from you, call us at 314-1004 or send us a WhatsApp at 6458-4909