NL 03.August.2018

Sunday  05/08/2018

Sermon: Jesus, food that does not perish 

Pastor: José Ordóñez

Beth Gray


Juan: 6:24-35


Food Basket delivery in San Francisco Valley

This Saturday, August 4, 2018, we will be delivering bags of food to senior adults and people in need.
We have been blessed by God, giving us the opportunity to bring joy and blessing to these people, who are struggling every day to stand up against all the difficulties.Would you like to help? Call us at 314-1004 and we will gladly give you more details so that you can join us on our next visit.

Food delivery old people from the 3rd age

This Sunday, August 5, we will be giving food-bags to the beneficiaries of our program “Bridging Families”
Come and join us, and you will have the opportunity to share with our old people. We will be delivering the bags after the 10am ServiceWould you like to help? Call us at 314-1004 and we will gladly give you more details about our next delivery.

Wednesday – 08/08/2018


Sunday / Domingo 12/08/2018

10:00 AM – Bilingual Service – Servicio Bilingue


Noris Bustamante

Sunday / Domingo 19/08/2018

10:00 AM – Bilingual Service – Servicio Bilingue


Beth Gray

Sunday / Domingo 26/08/2018

10:00 AM – Bilingual Service – Servicio Bilingue


Betsy Moran




like the Israelites in the wilderness,
we too have known Your love,
and experienced Your care and provision.
You invite us to extend that love to the world around us—
to care for others as deeply as we care for ourselves.
And so we bring the needs of our world before You now.
In Your mercy, hear our prayer.
We pray for the many who do not have enough:
  enough food to eat, or shelter to keep warm;
  enough employment, or money to pay their bills;
  enough medicine or medical care.
Lord, in Your mercy, hear our prayer.
We also pray for those who have more than enough,
  but who still struggle to find meaning and purpose in life;
  who indulge in dangerous or self-serving activities
      to dull their pain or loneliness.
Lord, in Your mercy, hear our prayer.
God, Your grace reaches out to all of us.
You call us to live as citizens of heaven,
working together with one heart and mind.
Strengthen us to live in a manner worthy
of the Good News we have received,
offering our lives in service of Your kingdom,
where the last are first, and the first are last,
and there is grace enough for all.
Lord, in Your mercy, hear our prayer.
In the name of Jesus Christ, our Saviour and Lord, Amen.


 BUC Fundraiser


Coming events

Visita Darien – Divisa

Our volunteers are getting ready for the visit to families in Emberá Wounaan Comarca in the Peña Bijagual Community, in the province of Darién. They are bringing food, cloth, and happiness to the children of the Community, a trip that lasts more than 6 hours on a car and 30 minutes on a boat.
Special thanks to the volunteers for participating in this activity and their wiliness to travel a long distance to share love of Christ and show their love for their neighbor, their love for the needy and for following the guidelines that God has commanded to us, at the same time, we thanks to all the members of our congregation that have helped and made this possible.

Our volunteers are:
– Maria Luis Molina
– Maribel Rodriguez
– Militza Mosquera
– Gabriela Molina and
– Betsy Moran

You can help too! bring your donations to our Church, we are collecting: medicine, food, and clothes for children. If you cannot come, call us at 314-1004 or 6458-4909 and we will gladly collect your donation.

Luke 10:27
“Love your neighbor as yourself”


Reading to Share

Jesus strongly reminded us that God’s house is to be a house of prayer (Luke 19:45-46). Getting there means building prayer into the DNA of a congregation, but the worship service can be central to that process.

So, if I were to attend only your church’s main worship service, would I think that your church is a house of prayer?

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Apartment for Rent

Balboa Union Church has 1 apartment available for rent. The apartment is 120 m2 approx, 2 rooms + studio (which could be transformed into a kid’s room), 1 guest room, 1 full bathroom and 1 guest bathroom, living room, kitchen, excellent green area with trees and a lot of space for kids, 1 parking space -on streets, in addition, it is located in one of the safest areas of Panama, with 24-hour surveillance by Canal Police office and easy access to “Puente de las Americas”, less than 5 minutes from Albrook Mall and Marcos A. Gelabert airport (Albrook’s airport), less than 5 minutes from the Amador Causeway and easy access to the center of the city.

The apartment is ideal for workers of the Port of Balboa (less than 5 minutes walking) and/or for workers of Panama Canal Offices.

More information at 314-1004 or at 6458-4909



Community Notice

¡Entrada libre!

? 3 de Agosto del 2018
⏰ 6:00 pm
? Pórtico principal.

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