NL 2/2/2018

This week at Balboa Union Church

Sunday – 4/02/2018

 Beth Gray


Isaiah 40: 21-31
Mark 1:34-35


– We pray for Ana Quijano (Mitchell’s Aunt) who is sick and hospitalized/ Oramos por la Ana Quijano, quien se hospitazada y muy enferma

– We pray for Carolina Villareal who is suffering pain inthe her legs and can’t walk /Oramos po Carolina Villareal, quien tiene dolor en sus piernas y no puede caminar.

– We pray for each member of our Congregation/Oramospor cada miembro de nuestra Iglesia.

– We pray to the Lord for all

Glowing God, we have known your presence. We have lived in your love. Show us your glory. Reveal your glory to us.

Thank you, Lord, for all our dear friends and family here at the Balboa Union Church

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Next Week at Balboa Union Church

Wednesday – 7/02/2018

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