NL 5/1/2018

This week at Balboa Union Church

Sunday / 7/01/2018

 Beth Gray


Genesis 1: 1-5 
Matthew 1: 4-11
Acts 19: 1-7

– We pray for our kids and young of Panama. May God keep their lives in his hands.

– We pray for all the homeless kids that, during this season and during the year, have to face the bad weather and sleep on the streets with no help.

– We pray the New Year and for all the opportunities that God will send.

– We pray for each member of our Church.

– We pray for the ongoing process with the UABR to get the land of our building773.

Glowing God, we have known your presence. We have lived in your love. Show us your glory. Reveal your glory to us.

Thank you, Lord, for all our dear friends and family here at the Balboa Union Church

God understands our prayers even when we can’t find the words to say them.

Next Week at Balboa Union Church

Wednesday 10/01/2018

Comming Events
Eventos Próximos

  • Fundraiser – Recaudación de fondos (air-conditioning) – T-shirts $20.00 / mugs $5.00
  • Wednesday night prayer meeting/Miércoles de Oración – 5:30 p.m
  • Annual General Meeting – Next month (time and date are pending)

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