First time visiting us?

Instructions for the Cab Driver

If this is your first time visiting, and you are coming in a cab, you can simply ask them for the Pink Church on the hill before the Causeway, in front of St. Mary’s.

Driving Instructions

Please see the page “Location

Navigating the Building

Many of our members enter the Church through the back door (as we are on a one-way street, this is the first door you come to if you park on the street up from the Church).

If you walk up the hill from Balboa Street (also called in some maps Ave. Arnulfo Arias Madrid), then you will walk through our front door.  For example, if you parked your car in the Banistmo car park or had the taxi drop you off at the bottom of the steps), then you would inevitably come through our beautiful front doors with an immediate view of our stain-glassed windows and the artwork in the 3 arches.

When you walk into the Church (from the front door) you will be in the entrance hall, with the Sanctuary upstairs (to your right or left).

If you walk straight down the hall in front of you, you will be in our fellowship hall, with our Sunday school room to your left hand side and youth room on your right.

Sunday School

Sunday school starts at about 10.15 a.m., when the children are invited up the front of the church to participate in a short part of the service and then are sent downstairs with the Sunday school teachers.

You are invited to send all kids aged 4 to 12 downstairs with the Sunday school teachers and helpers (younger children may be sent downstairs with siblings if they will happily go with strangers – we can keep them occupied).  Teenagers should stay upstairs during the service. Please see Youth & Children for more information.